Developer Likens Dying Light 2’s Physics-Based Grappling Hook to Spider-Man or Tarzan

While Dying Light’s grappling hook was a commendable feature, it didn’t exactly work in tandem with the game’s parkour mechanics. Because of this, many players relied on the grappling hook more than the much touted parkour abilities. Techland aims to change that for Dying Light 2 with a more physics-based grapple feature. If done right, players should find themselves combining the grappling hook with parkour more effectively.

Bartosz ‘Glova’ Kulon, who’s responsible for the series’ parkour, teased updates to the grappling hook during an interview with VG247. Apparently, Glova incidentally created the short-range teleportation qualities behind Dying Light’s grappling hook. For the sequel, the developer focused on crafting something far more fluid, a mechanic that could accentuate parkour rather than distract from it.

According to Glova, “It’s more physics-based. Like a Tarzan or Spider-Man thing. It won’t be abused because you have to have something above you to swing from.” The new grappling hook will also have limited range. As such, players will have to use it and parkour harmoniously to navigate through Dying Light 2’s open-world.

The mention of Tarzan suggests Glova isn’t outright referencing Marvel’s Spider-Man from Insomniac. Still, it’s hard not to think of the fluidity of the hero’s movement in that specific game. Similar to Techland, Insomniac made sure players could only swing from actual nearby objects. You won’t see Spidey web-swinging from nothingness in the air. It seems as though the same will hold true for Dying Light 2’s protagonist, Aiden.

Techland recently delayed Dying Light 2 out of its spring 2020 release window. Presently, there’s no official word on when the sequel will hit store shelves.

[Source: VG247]