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DOOM Eternal to Offer Incredible Range of Accessibility and UI Customization Options

Accessibility options have slowly begun to improve across the board in recent years. Evidently, id Software intends to lead by example with its upcoming release of DOOM Eternal. The first-person shooter will feature myriad accessibility options, as well as a remarkable number of UI and gameplay customization options.

DOOM Eternal Executive Producer Marty Stratton showed off a number of the accessibility and customization options in a recent video with IGN First. The video runs just over six minutes long, yet seems to provide only an overview of the vast possibilities. Check it out below:

For the newest DOOM entry, id Software paid special attention to colorblind accessibility options. This is notably reflected in the UI colorblind mode, which features adjustment possibilities specifically designed for Protanopia, Tritanopia, and Deuteranopia. There are also “Colorblind rendering modes,” which players can adjust for intensity, strength, contrast, and brightness.

As always, the shooter comes with quite a few presets for button layouts on the controller. However, unlike DOOM 2016, Eternal will give players the option to completely customize the controller layout as they see fit. It appears as though video options just as extensive. The field of view is adjustable, for example, even on consoles.

This level of detail additional extends to things such as the HUD’s profile color. Its color can be altered; so, too, can the HUD color’s opacity. Turning off everything on the HUD serves as another customizable treat, including the compass, object markers, and Boss Health Bar. Crosshair Style is yet another interesting adjustment that players can tune to their liking at leisure.

DOOM Eternal is due out on the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One next month on March 20th. Those who preorder the title on any platform will receive free access to a copy of DOOM 64. So go preorder yourself a copy for just $50 on Amazon now.

[Source: IGN First]

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