No Man’s Sky Living Ship Update Introduces New Starship and a Fresh Set of Missions

Hello Games has released another free update for No Man’s Sky, the “Living Ship” update. It’s currently live, bringing with it a host of extra content. Clearly, the new starship serves as the star of the latest roll out of fresh content. This isn’t just any old starship, though; a living, breathing being forms the ship itself. The “Living Ship” update also introduces a series of brand-new missions, space encounters, life forms, and mysterious objects.

A trailer from Hello Games shows exactly what players can expect from No Man’s Sky’s “Living Ship” content. Check it out in the video linked below:

A PlayStation Blog post from Creative Director Sean Murray provides an overview on how living ships fit into the universe. For one, players must learn of their origins in a set of missions that center on “ancient Korvax experiments.” Apparently, these experiments are what birthed the living ships. Those who want to incubate and raise a living ship of their own need to take a trip to the Space Anomaly. Once there, players should “follow the call of the Void Egg.”

Since this is No Man’s Sky, every aspect of the living ships is procedurally-generated. In turn, they all develop differently, with their own unique set of organs which helps define their abilities. And, since these creatures cannot be upgraded like regular ships, players will have to nurture them in a specific way to ensure their living ship gains the desired traits, such as a fast hyperdrive.

Hello Games hopes to release more updates throughout 2020, though details on future plans currently remain scarce.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]