Venture into the Uniquely Crafted Horrors of Turn-Based RPG Othercide This Summer

Lightbulb Crew’s turn-based RPG Othercide was previously announced for PC. Now the studio’s horror tale is also confirmed to launch on consoles. Othercide releases across the PlayStation 4, PC via Steam, and Xbox One platforms on an unspecified date this summer.

Check out the PAX East reveal trailer in the following post:

Focus Home Interactive is publishing the dark RPG, which will allow players to explore far beyond known dimensions. Othercide centers on a “dying timeline,” wherein the protagonist must “lead, evolve, and sacrifice” her Daughters. These forces are remnants of the world’s greatest warrior, all tasked with battling the Others and the Suffering.

Exploration will be key to discovering the secrets of the City and the aforementioned foes residing within it. However, combat will serve an equally important role in advancing through Othercide’s grim, but uniquely crafted world. With the Dynamic Timeline System, players will need to strategically plan attacks to outmaneuver the enemy.

The enemies known as the Suffering are creatures forged out of “humanity’s [worst] crimes against itself.” Boss encounters will especially bring the pain, while additionally ushering in twists to a narrative told through “fleeting memories.” Ultimately, these transient recollections should form a whole, crafting a tale about the Mother that explains the origins of Othercide’s dreadful reality.

How adept a player is in combat will determine the Daughters’ fate, as well as define their abilities and personality traits. For example, cowardice results in punishment of some kind, barely escaping death leaves scars, and effectively doing away with enemies leads to a reward. All of the above will permanently affect each Daughter’s character stats. The memories, which Daughters gain by duplicating the Mother’s deeds, will evolve their abilities. In customizing these skills, players will craft their own specialized army.

Difficult decisions are to notably arise out of choosing which Daughters live or die. Such a choice seems an inevitable part of the experience, given that sacrificing a Daughter stems from another’s need to heal. All survivors will continue to grow in strength, further preparing themselves for the gruesome battles that lie ahead.

[Source: Othercide Game on Twitter]