Final Fantasy VII Remake’s Delay Won’t Impact the Release of Part 2

Even though Final Fantasy VII Remake was delayed by a month recently, that doesn’t mean we’ll have to wait any longer to play the second installment. In fact, Square Enix’s President Yosuke Matsuda flat out said “no, it will not,” when asked if the delay of Final Fantasy VII Remake will impact the release date of part 2. Granted, we don’t know anything about the second entry in the remake saga, including a release date, or even window.

Last year, we learned that development on Final Fantasy VII Remake part 2 had already started, though it’s unknown when it will release or how many total parts are planned for the overall saga. Considering the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake will only focus on a small portion of the original game (Midgar), it’s led to questions regarding future installments. We do know Square Enix doesn’t plan to develop games natively for PS5 and Xbox Series X, at least for a few years, since both systems will be backwards compatible with previous generations.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase also said the second installment will be developed “more efficiently” than the first now that assets and game systems have been created, so it’s unlikely we’ll have to wait more than five years for its release like we had to with this first entry.

While there are a lot of questions about the future of Final Fantasy VII Remake, the first part launches for PS4 on April 10, 2020. It will be a timed exclusive for a year and come to other unannounced platforms afterward.

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[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

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