New Rumors Allege Sony is ‘Driving Force’ Behind Silent Hill’s Return With Two Games

Earlier this year, rumors began circulating about the future of Silent Hill. Allegedly, Konami plans to revisit the series in the form of two distinct titles–one a soft reboot, the other a Telltale-style adventure. While the leaker responsible for said speculation said they’re unsure on whether these games are still in the works, new rumors suggest the soft reboot is in production. Meanwhile, the supposed creation of a Telltale-like game isn’t yet set in stone. Either way, both projects have one thing in common–Sony reportedly serves as the “driving force” behind them.

Rely on Horror, which has broken Silent Hill rumors previously, claims a couple of its trusted sources corroborated the above. According to said sources, series creature artist Masahiro Ito is indeed hard at work on another title as recently speculated. Rely on Horror’s sources also allege Sony represents a “driving force” behind the franchise’s long-awaited comeback. This feeds into conjecture from the leaker that Silent Hill’s next entry may be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

The website’s first source claims Ito is working with the writer and director of 1999’s Silent Hill, Keiichiro Toyama, as well as franchise composer Akira Yamaoka. Together, they all have their hands full with the soft reboot title. Rely on Horror’s source further states that SIE Japan Studio aids in the reboot’s development, though in what capacity remains under wraps. If true, the team likely features developers from “Project Siren,” which brought to life Siren: Blood Curse on the PlayStation 3. This new project has apparently been in the works for at least a year.

Details concerning the second rumored Silent Hill game reportedly remain in the work-in-progress phase, as no agreements have been made as of yet. However, Rely on Horror’s article suggests it could very well turn into Kojima’s cancelled P.T./Silent Hills. The website’s first source claims Sony aims to repair the relationship between Konami and Kojima, which would allow for P.T.’s much-desired revival. Reportedly, the site’s second source has shared similar details in the past.

This particular title will allegedly make use of PlayStation VR’s next-gen follow-up. The information itself is fuzzy, but Sony has supposedly pitched the idea to Kojima as one of the Telltale or Supermassive variety. Were he to accept, he’d have “full creative freedom.” None of the Kojima-related details are official just yet. However, Rely on Horror’s sources seem sure of the soft reboot’s sitting comfortably in active development.

As always, Silent Hill fans should consider the above as little more than speculation, until at least one of the involved parties corroborates the above. It’s also worth noting that the degree of Sony’s involvement remains unclear. Rely on Horror’s sources don’t say Sony is attempting to purchase the IP. Rather, it seems the publisher merely aims to work alongside Konami in bringing back the beloved series.

[Source: Rely on Horror]