Rumor: Leaked Trailer Teases Tales From the Borderlands Redux and Sequel

If a leaked trailer is any indication, Tales From the Borderlands may return two-fold. For one, the trailer from Reddit suggests Tales From the Borderlands Redux will hit stores sometime this year. Near the video’s end, a tease of a possible second season pops up. It looks convincing enough, but presently remains unsubstantiated.

On Reddit, two video clips were shared, splitting the leaked trailer into parts because Imgur only allows for 60-second clips. The first video runs just under a minute long, featuring footage of the game itself. Throughout, specially designed cards appear, all of which tease a host of new content for a Redux release. If true, this version will come with developer commentary for each episode and unlockable codex entries showing off unused concept art. The second clip finishes out the leaked trailer with an additional 35 seconds, and hints at a bonus mini-episode. Near the trailer’s end, the year 2020 appears in big bold letters, before glitching out to leave behind the number two. This seems to suggest a sequel is in the works.

Equally interesting are the companies supposedly coming together to make Tales From the Borderlands Redux happen. At the start of the trailer, logos for Telltale Games, Gearbox Software, and 2K Games all appear. Adhoc Studio features last in the splash page roll. This particular developer was founded by former employees of the original Telltale after that studio’s demise in late 2018. Adhoc is already assisting the new Telltale in its work on reviving The Wolf Among Us 2. As such, Adhoc potentially helping with additional Tales From the Borderlands projects doesn’t sound too farfetched.

There’s definitely interest in the game’s return, including from parties directly involved with the franchise. Last year, Borderlands 3 writer Sam Winkler voiced interest in seeing Tales From the Borderlands receive a second season. Though there’s no confirmation on the trailer’s legitimacy from either of the aforementioned companies, it seems Winkler’s wish may come true.

[Source: Reddit via IGN]