Sony PR Agency Says Coronavirus Has Not Yet Affected PlayStation 5’s Planned Holiday Release

Since the coronavirus outbreak has led to the cancellation of gaming events worldwide, many anticipate delays to take effect elsewhere. Might publishers push games that are meant to launch in the coming months? What about next-generation consoles? At present, Sony Interactive Entertainment Benelux’s PR agency, BAAS Amsterdam, doesn’t foresee the PlayStation 5‘s planned holiday 2020 launch being postponed. Indeed, the agency continues to move full steam ahead, establishing exhibitions for future PS5 displays.

According to a Spieltimes report, the Bonami SpelComputer Museum in Zwolle, Netherlands will serve as one of the first public attractions for PS5 at launch. As such, the museum began configuring its “PlayStation 5 Experience zone” last week. Establishment owner John Groenewold said preparations are already in place to ensure the museum can allow attendees to “experience the differences between the PS4 and PS5 for themselves.”

Interestingly, BAAS Amsterdam’s thoughts on the matter don’t correlate with those of some research firms. For example, DFC Intelligence recently stated the delivery of both PS5 and Xbox Series X may experience “a major short-term impact” caused by coronavirus. This echoes a similar analysis by the Jeffries Group in early February.

Of course, Sony PR has no bearings on whether the corporation will be able to launch its next-gen hardware as intended. Still, it’s interesting that future exhibitions remain on track, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Such planning is likely due to expectations that the outbreak will be under control by the time the events in question are scheduled to take place.

[Source: BAAS Amsterdam via Spieltimes]

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