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First Mission in Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Sam Fisher-Starring Content Will Be Free for Everyone

Tomorrow, March 24th, Ubisoft Paris will launch Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s Title Update 2.0.0. Along with a slew of game-changing updates, the team will also roll out Deep State, a new set of missions featuring Splinter Cell‘s Sam Fisher. Thanks to Deep State’s first proper trailer, which just went live online, we know the content’s first mission will be available to everyone for free. To access all of Deep State, players will either have to join a friend who owns the Year 1 Pass, and miss out on exclusive adventure rewards, or purchase the Pass outright.

See Fisher reunite with Nomad and the Ghosts in the trailer below:

Just in time for the new update, Ubisoft will host a free weekend for Breakpoint beginning on March 26th. The imminent update is quite hefty, too, weighing about 17GB on PS4, 15.5GB on PC, and 30GB on Xbox One. Most notably, the latest patch will introduce the Ghost Experience, offering up three modes of play.

Regular Experience is the game as it launched, complete with gear level and tiered loot. Immersive Experience removes gear level and tiered loot, while debuting a number of “tactical options.” Finally, the Custom Experience allows players to customize Breakpoint’s setting to their preferred style of play.

The full, and very lengthy, patch notes for Title Update 2.0.0 are currently available via Ubisoft Forums. In addition to Ghost Experience, Ubisoft is adding two new classes–Engineer and Echelon. Players should also expect a host of new Gunsmith options, as well as improvements to inventory management, character customization, and Ghost War.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

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