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Coronavirus Threatens the Future of the UK’s National Videogame Museum

Despite recently experiencing its busiest day ever, the UK’s National Videogame Museum (NVM) is in danger of permanent closure due to the coronavirus pandemic. To mitigate the sudden loss in revenue, the British Games Institute (BGI), which is responsible for the museum’s operations, is asking for donations.

According to, last week saw the museum bring in a record number of visitors. However, mandated lockdowns throughout Britain are now curtailing such successes. NVM’s closure means no visitors. Naturally, no visitors leads to considerable revenue losses, something the BGI can’t afford if the museum’s future is to remain intact.

On online fundraising website, the British Games Institute has launched a “Save the National Videogame Museum (UK)” campaign. The post begins with the following plea,

The UK’s only museum dedicated to videogame culture and education is threatened with permanent closure by Coronavirus.

Despite 40,000 visitors in 2019, we have no safety net of funding to ensure our new charity outlasts a prolonged shutdown. The UK is in danger of losing this unique venue with nearly 100 playable exhibits, school workshops and family events.

As of writing, the fundraiser has amassed approximately £6,000 of its £80,000 goal, courtesy of about 100 supporters. Such donations could help secure the Institute’s future plans. For instance, forthcoming exhibitions are now under threat of cancellation; the same holds true for programs for disadvantaged youth.

The “world’s first cultural center dedicated to videogames,” NVM originally opened in 2015 in Nottingham as National Videogame Arcade. 2017 brought about the establishment of the BGI, which later merged with the National Videogame Arcade’s organizer, National Videogame Foundation. In late 2018, BGI moved the museum to its current residence in Sheffield, renaming it the National Videogame Museum.

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