summer games done quick delayed corona

Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Delayed, Announced Corona-Relief Event Set for April

In a not-unexpected move, Summer Games Done Quick 2020 is being delayed until August due to the worldwide COVID-19 crisis. The announcement by Games Done Quick came through social media and on the GDQ website earlier today with a statement that said “In response to the situation surrounding COVID-19 (Coronavirus), Games Done Quick is delaying Summer Games Done Quick 2020 to August 16th, 2020 through the 23rd. Please read our full announcement for details on deadline changes, how game and volunteer submissions are affected, and more. We are continuing to actively monitor updates from the WHO, CDC, local governments and public health agencies regarding COVID-19 and will provide updates via Twitter and on our website if anything changes.”

The full notice and list of responses by GDQ include a re-opening of game run submissions, a need for volunteers to reapply, and more changes pertaining to the pushback of the event. In its stead, Games Done Quick will host an online marathon event, Corona Relief Done Quick, set for April 17-19, 2020. One hundred percent of donations go toward the charity group Direct Relief, a humanitarian aid organization with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies.

summer games done quick delayed corona relief event

While certainly a blow to the speedrunning community, the Games Done Quick events are all about helping those in times of need and this is no different. Given that this past January’s Awesome Games Done Quick raised over $3 million dollars, one can only hope that gamers will open their hearts and wallets once more in order to combat an epidemic during these terrifying and trying times. Only time will tell if August is far enough of a delay to avoid further increasing the chance of infection of COVID-19 while in a public setting. Given the current state and progression of the virus in the United States this potentially could be only the first delay of many.

For more information on future events, their charitable giving, speedrunning, and more be sure to visit the Games Done Quick website.

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