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Chrono Trigger Composer Lending His Talents to The Messenger Developer’s Sea of Stars

Sabotage Studio, the team behind The Messenger, remains hard at work on its newest title, Sea of Stars. The studio is running a Kickstarter campaign for the retro-inspired RPG, and recently updated the page with a fascinating bit of news. Famed composer Yasunori Mitsuda, notably known for his renowned work on Chrono Trigger, will lend his talents to Sabotage Studio’s Sea of Stars project.

In the Kickstarter post, Sabotage Studio explained that Mitsuda is joining the project as a “guest composer.” The update teased the following: “By contributing his legendary musical genius to the project, he will help convey the depth of this fantasy world’s story while ensuring its nostalgic roots are paid proper homage. Being such an inspiration for all of us, Mitsuda represents exactly what Sea of Stars needed to feel truly whole.”

A word from Yasunori Mitsuda features in the studio’s latest news roll out, as well. An English translation of Mitsuda’s statement notes that upon seeing Sea of Stars, he instantly thought, “I want to write music for this game.” His excitement at seeing Sea of Stars “convey the nostalgic golden age of the 90s” is what seems to have especially influenced Mitsuda’s decision.

Sabotage Studio’s Kickstarter campaign is already fully funded with regards to the original goal of $94,688. As of writing, more than 12,000 backers have pledged an impressive total of over $497,000. The team still plans to unveil another stretch goal before the campaign comes to a close late next week.

Sea of Stars takes place in the same universe as The Messenger. However, Sea of Stars will serve as quite the departure from its acclaimed predecessor, since it will offer a turn-based RPG experience. The title is scheduled to launch on consoles and PC via Steam on an unspecified date in March 2022.

[Source: Sea of Stars’ Kickstarter Page]