Cyberpunk 2077 Introduces ‘Questionable, Self-Serving’ Organization, 6th Street

CD Projekt RED continued sharing tidbits of information about Cyberpunk 2077‘s gangs and organizations over the weekend, briefly introducing 6th Street – a group that was formed to protect and serve the community of Vista del Rey but ended up deviating from its motive.

The developer previously introduced The Mox gang, which is led by a former prostitute who protects and defends her workers from violent clients.

Despite challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, CD Projekt RED has reassured fans that Cyberpunk 2077 is on track to release on September 17th. The game has already been rated by majority of rating boards around the globe, and most of the voice work is also complete.

“There are always some last pick-up sessions, and we’re not very worried about that because that’s something we can record even later and add in the form of a digital patch, so by the moment the customers will actually buy the game in September they would just download a file which would add the missing pieces of recordings, but that process has been hampered a little bit,” Senior VP of Business Development, Michal Nowakowski, told investors recently.

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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