Physical Event for Gamescom 2020 Canceled, All-Digital Event Planned For August

What initially began as speculation about the future of Germany-based game industry trade show gamescom is now a reality, as gamescom 2020 is officially canceled, at least in the physical sense. Event organizers and Opening Night Live host Geoff Keighley reporting that a digital version of the show is in the works.

Gamescom is a large event that pulls in 360,000+ people each year and its lack of a physical show will resonate, not only in the games industry but around all trade shows in the year 2020. The announcement came from gamescom social media today, voicing their disappointment with the situation but realizing that living in a COVID-19 world requires them to “be considerate of each other and reduce the risk of infection,” according to the release, which can be found in full below.

gamescom 2020 canceled

Those who purchased tickets already for the physical event will be refunded without any action needed from the buyer. In the meantime the aforementioned Keighley announced on his Twitter that an all-digital opening night of gamescom is scheduled for August 24, streaming live on the internet for all to see. Many may be surprised by the announcement of an event all the way out in August being canceled, but Germany has completely banned large gatherings through the end of August. Perhaps this can serve as a reminder and example of the serious nature the world currently finds itself at, as even something four months out may be too soon if we’re to curb the spread of a disease that, as of this writing, has killed (that we know of) almost 200,000 people worldwide and is still spreading.

No word on what this all-digital opening night will entail but details will surely be revealed as the August 24 date grows nearer and nearer. For more information on gamescom and other COVID-19 games industry closures be sure to keep following us here at PlayStation LifeStyle as we attempt to keep everyone informed and safe.

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