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Report: GTA 6 in Early Development, May Be ‘Moderately Sized’ at Launch

Out of a recent report concerning Rockstar Games’ steadily improving working conditions came claims that the next Grand Theft Auto installment, likely GTA 6, is in early development. Due to changes in the studio’s culture, especially with regards to crunch practices, the new GTA may not launch in typical fashion. In fact, Rockstar reportedly plans on crafting something a little smaller in size that can then receive expansion post-release.

According to Kotaku’s report, Grand Theft Auto counts as Rockstar’s next project. To begin implementing working condition improvements, management aims to “start out with a moderately sized release.” For Rockstar, this would probably still be a rather large title. After its arrival, “regular updates” would go live to expanded upon the project’s foundation, all in an attempt on the studio’s part to reduce crunch. Since the new installment remains in the early stages of production, these plans may alter as time goes on.

The overhaul on how Rockstar operates reportedly began not too long after Red Dead Redemption 2 hit store shelves late in 2018. Former and current staff members told Kotaku that management has been trying to lessen the need for excessive overtime hours. Apparently, the higher-ups are also making strides towards better communicating with staff on a regular basis.

Such efforts have become especially notable during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. One employee divulged that since staff is working remotely, bosses “keep emphasizing that it’s normal to not be productive and our focus should be on our health and taking care of our families.”

Grand Theft Auto 6 rumors have cropped up every so often for the last year or so. At the very least, Kotaku’s report seems to confirm something is in the works. Because the project’s development is reportedly in its incipient stages, concrete details are unlikely to surface for quite a long time.

[Source: Kotaku]