Sony’s Continuing to Send Out Flashy Persona 5 Royal PS4 Themes and Avatars to European Players

A number of European Persona 5 Royal players have received a third bundle of PlayStation 4 dynamic themes and avatars from Sony.

As we previously reported, the first bundle was sent out to players who cleared the first dungeon. The second bundle was sent out to those who completed the fourth dungeon, and the third bundle that went out a day ago is a reward for beating the final palace.

Folks over at Push Square compiled a handy list of what’s included in each bundle, which you can check out below.

Bundle 1 Avatars:

  • Protagonist Avatar
  • Ryuji Avatar
  • Morgana Avatar
  • Ann Avatar
  • Morgana Avatar (anime style)
  • Ann Avatar (anime style)
  • Ryuji Avatar (cartoon)
  • Protagonist’s Persona (Arsene) Avatar
  • Ryuji’s Persona (Captain Kidd) Avatar
  • Morgana’s Persona (Zoro) Avatar
  • Ann’s Persona (Carmen) Avatar
  • Metaverse Navigation App Avatar

Bundle 1 Themes:

  • Protagonist Theme
  • Ryuji Theme
  • Morgana Theme
  • Ann Theme

Bundle 2 Avatars:

  • Yusuke Avatar
  • Makoto Avatar
  • Futaba Avatar
  • Yusuke Dragon Avatar
  • Makoto Panda Avatar
  • Futaba Graffiti Avatar
  • Yusuke’s Persona (Goemon) Avatar
  • Makoto’s Persona (Johanna) Avatar
  • Futaba’s Persona (Necronomicon) Avatar

Bundle 2 Themes:

  • Yusuke Theme
  • Makoto Theme
  • Futaba Theme

Bundle 3 Avatars:

  • Haru Avatar
  • Akechi Avatar
  • Kasumi Avatar
  • Haru Big Bang Burger Avatar
  • Akechi Logo Avatar
  • Kasumi Phantom Thief Avatar
  • Haru’s Persona (Milady) Avatar
  • Akechi’s Persona (Robin Hood) Avatar
  • Kasumi’s Persona (Cendrillon) Avatar

Bundle 3 Themes:

  • Haru Theme
  • Akechi Theme
  • Kasumi Theme

We haven’t heard of any U.S. players receiving these freebies yet but will keep our readers posted. For now, head over to link below to preview the themes.

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[Source: Push Square]