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Call of Duty: Warzone’s Console Players Are Having to Turn Off Cross-Play Because of PC Cheaters

Despite Infinity Ward’s recent hefty ban wave, Call of Duty: Warzone‘s console players are having their experience marred by cheaters on PC, and are resorting to turning cross-play off.

Based on a plethora of complaints, Eurogamer has compiled a report that shows just how widespread the issue is, especially because turning off cross-play comes with its own caveats.

For starters, console players who want to group up with friends on PC have no way to avoid cheaters. If they choose not to play with PC friends and turn cross-play off, the game understandably takes more time finding a match than it does with cross-play enabled because of a relatively smaller pool of players.

When Eurogamer experimented with the setting on the PlayStation 4, it found that Warzone took up to three minutes to find a match with cross-play disabled, and up to 30 seconds to find a match with cross-play enabled. Other outlets and PS4 players in various parts of the world have reported similar results.

The publication further reported that the situation is worse on the Xbox One, which apparently prevents Warzone players from finding a lobby if they have cross-play disabled, resulting in players having to forcefully turn off the feature via the console’s system settings.

Many console players aren’t satisfied with Infinity Ward’s anti-cheat efforts because PC players can simply create a new account to play. According to Eurogamer, some console players have suggested that PC players should be required to link their accounts to a phone number in order to reduce the instances of cheaters creating a new account.

Infinity Ward has yet to comment. The developer said last week that it has zero tolerance for cheaters.

[Source: Eurogamer]