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Unreal Engine Gets PS5 and Xbox Series X Support in Latest Update, More Throughout the Year

Unreal Engine version 4.25 includes support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. The latest update with Unreal Engine PS5 support allows developers to use the engine to make next-generation titles. While it may seem like an obvious development—one of the biggest game engines getting next-gen support—it’s a huge milestone as we approach release of the PS5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season.

In an interview with GameDaily.biz, Epic VP of Engineering Nick Penwarden detailed why this is such a big step forward, and the challenges the company faced in getting the engine ready for next-generation game development. “The biggest technical challenge has been around loading and streaming. The next-gen console hardware has vastly improved input/output capabilities, and as a result we’ve rewritten some of the core I/O and asset-loading systems to be able to utilize the increased bandwidth. We’ve made a number of major improvements and have more work yet to do.”

Additional updates to Unreal Engine throughout the year with further hone and fine-tune its next-gen support. At a high level, Unreal 4.25 includes increased scalability for projects, a new VFX system called Niagara, and engine-based ray tracing light rendering. Niagara, in particular, is one feature that Penwarden is really excited about. He talked with GameDaily about how it can unlock the capabilities of effects artists doing “complex behaviors and interactions” without requiring the work of an engineer.

And there’s more coming. “Unreal Engine is ready for next-generation consoles and the next generation of games. We’re doing a lot of work under the hood to make sure the engine can scale to meet the demands of next-generation game development. 4.25 includes many new and exciting features and we’re also working on truly revolutionary technology that I can’t wait to talk about soon.”

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are set to release sometime in holiday 2020.