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Hop, Skip, and Roll Through Puzzle Platformer Skully When It Arrives in August

Puzzle adventure platformer Skully will launch later this summer for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Xbox One. The game from publisher Modus Games and developer Finish Line Games is slated to arrive on August 4th for the price of $29.99. As the title somewhat hints, players will assume the role of a reanimated skull. Skully himself isn’t quite like MediEvil’s Sir Daniel Fortesque, though, as the former doesn’t have a body of his own. Instead, Skully takes on forms with the help of magical clay.

See Finish Line Games’ new platformer in the Skully announcement trailer below:

Finish Line Games’ latest follows the titular Skully, who receives a new lease on life upon being reanimated by an “enigmatic deity.” Thanks to magical clay, Skully will be able to take on the form of a full body, hopping, skipping, and rolling through a secluded island.

Navigating the diverse landscape will, of course, come with its fair share of challenges. A series of obstacles and puzzles await, all set to slow Skully’s progress. However, the character must continue forward at all costs, since Skully is tasked with intervening in a feud involving the special deity’s three siblings. This feud may very well threaten the island’s future. As a result, the reanimated skull will no doubt prove integral to the survival of its newfound home.

In Skully, players will roam around 18 different levels across seven unique environments. Each ecosystem will come complete with its own distinct threats, too. To adapt to such challenges, Skully has the ability to transform into three different types of forms.

[Source: Modus Games via Gematsu]