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Three Community-Created Maps for Skater XL Will Be Available at Launch

Members of Skater XL’s modding community have created a few maps that will appear in the title at launch. There are a total of three that developer Easy Day Studios will make available on day one–Grant Park by Theo, Hudland Training Facility by Pactole, and Streets from Jean-Olive. Each of the community-created additions will feature across all platforms in Skater XL.

See all of three maps on display in the following trailer:

As previously noted, the Grant Park level was created by a modder named Theo, who’s now a member of Easy Day Studios. The map is based on the design of Chicago’s Grant Skate Park, though Theo’s iteration takes a few liberties for gameplay purposes. With a three-acre layout, Grant Park boasts varied terrain, making way for “street and transition features with a focus on overall flow.”

Pactole’s Hudland Training Facility is an entirely original creation. Replete with street and transition features, Pactole equipped this particular level with an impressive warehouse space that flows into a street section. As a result, players will have the opportunity to sharpen their skills on flatbars, handrails, stairs, and quarterpipes.

The Streets map from Jean-Olive takes inspiration from myriad “street spots” known to skateboarders all over. Players will venture across several city blocks, from San Francisco-inspired hills to Spain’s unique skateable fixtures. Jean-Oliver’s level also boasts locales influenced by Los Angeles and New York skate spots.

Originally meant to roll out on July 7thSkater XL is slated to arrive on July 28th for the PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam, and Xbox One. We had an opportunity to get a hands-off preview of the game from the developers a couple months ago, giving us better insight into just what Easy Day Studios is trying to do with Skater XL. It was frequently referred to as the “musical instrument” of skater sims.