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Bandai Namco to Host Play Anime Live Digital Showcase on July 22nd

Bandai Namco Entertainment serves as another in a long list of publishers hosting digital showcases this summer. This particular show, known as Play Anime Live, will begin streaming on July 22nd at 4:00pm PST. Those interested in watching the event live will be able to do so via Bandai Namco’s Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube channels. On the Play Live Anime website, fans can sign up for event updates, giveaways, and the Play Anime VIP Box sweepstakes. Bandai Namco aims to give away 25 VIP Boxes for the sweepstakes, each filled with exclusive anime-themed swag worth $75.

As a digital event, Play Live Anime will service both anime and gaming communities. Fans can expect a roll out of news and trailers for Bandai Namco’s anime-inspired console, mobile, and PC titles. Q&A sessions with developers are also on the docket for Play Live Anime, according to a press release from the publisher.

Again, Bandai Namco isn’t the only big name company hosting a digital showcase in the wake of widespread physical event cancellations. For example, on July 12th at 12:00pm PST, Ubisoft will stream Ubisoft Forward to show off game news, reveals, and more.

In addition, the DC FanDome event on August 22nd will see WB Interactive Entertainment take part in some capacity. Reportedly, this is when the publisher plans to finally unveil new projects from Rocksteady Studios and Batman: Arkham Origins developer WB Games Montréal. Gaming fans can also look forward to EGX Digital, a nine-day event that kicks off on September 12th and ends September 20th.

[Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment]