numskull retro playstation merch since 94

New ‘Since ’94’ Retro PlayStation Merchandise From Numskull Celebrates the Origins of the Console

Have you been playing PlayStation since 1994? Do you remember the classic four color logo? Even if you weren’t around in the original days of PlayStation, Numskull Designs is helping fans represent more than 25 years of PlayStation with its new retro-inspired line of officially licensed PlayStation merch. Using the classic red, yellow, blue, and green PS logo as a base, these “Since ’94” designs call back to the days long before ray tracing and SSDs. Before we met Nathan Drake or Joel and Ellie. Before we had the option to download all of our games to our consoles.

Whether you’ve been playing PlayStation since day one or you joined the family later, these products are a great way to celebrate the origins of a console that is now a household name four console generations later.

The new “Since ’94” range includes shirts, hats, a hoodie, steel mug, and bottle opener, but Numskull’s officially licensed PlayStation products don’t stop there. If these designs aren’t to your taste, there’s the 25th anniversary line, sporting a grey aesthetic with the classic PS logo colors. And Numskull still has a huge assortment of other PlayStation products as well—all officially licensed—including socks, key chains, a bathrobe, coasters, wallets, cufflinks, and those PlayStation ugly sweaters (which you’d better grab now. They’re usually all out of stock come Christmastime).

Numskull is perhaps most famed for its wide array of officially licensed merch for various gaming brands, from PlayStation to Destiny to Crash Bandicoot and much more (they even have a Spyro incense burner. The smoke comes out of his nostrils!). But the company got into publishing games as well, helping unique smaller titles find a footing in the industry. This week was Numskull Games’ first ever Numskull Presents, a nine-minute showcase of upcoming games for Q3 2020. Numskull Games plans to utilize Numskull Presents more in the future for additional game announcements and reveals.

Which of Numskull’s new retro-inspired PlayStation line do you like the most? Will you be repping your OG status as a PlayStation gamer for more than 25 years, or celebrating the origins of a console you love? Let us know in the comments below.