New Super Lucky’s Tale Comes to PS4 and Xbox One in August

Earlier this year, developer Playful Studios revealed plans to launch New Super Lucky’s Tale on the PS4 and Xbox One this summer. Now fans finally have a firmer release date to mark on their calendars. New Super Lucky’s Tale will hit the two aforementioned platforms next month on August 21st.

Playful Studios announced the news this morning via the following Twitter post:

New Super Lucky’s Tale serves as an expanded version of Super Lucky’s Tale, a 3D platformer that launched on PC and Xbox One in the fall of 2017. Nintendo Switch players were able to get their hands on New Super Lucky’s Tale in 2019. But before the “Super” and “New Super” iterations, there was only Lucky’s Tale, the franchise’s original outing. A precursor to Super Lucky’s Tale, Lucky’s Tale released in 2016 for the Oculus Rift. Interestingly, neither of the follow-ups since then have received virtual reality support.

Playful’s New Super Lucky’s Tale is a love letter to the classic 3D platformers of old. As such, players can expect to discover myriad collectibles and meet intriguing characters, all while donning the most fashionable costumes. Players navigate the title’s many colorful worlds with burrowing, climbing, and jumping mechanics. Every obstacle and challenge will be present in service of one key goal–recovering the Book of Ages. This magical artifact, which is capable of opening worlds, must be rescued from the clutches of the villainous Jinx and his minions.

[Source: Playful Studios on Twitter via Gematsu]