German Overwatch 2 Survey Leak Hints At Customizable Legendary Skins, Multiple Launch Editions

A German-language Overwatch 2 survey sent out by Blizzard has potentially revealed a wealth of information about the game’s launch, new features, and possible launch editions. News on the sequel to Blizzard’s bread-and-butter franchise has been light since it was first revealed last year. In fact, besides a cinematic trailer and some info about the game’s planned single-player mode (as well as tying its multiplayer to Overwatch 1), there’s been nothing at all in regards to news. A survey that was sent to German Overwatch players looking for feedback on potential launch day bundles has now revealed a suite of features and additions that Blizzard may be considering for the next iteration of Overwatch.

The original surveys originate from a German user @3xhumed who posted the entire 12-page survey online. The focus of the survey asks the reader to rate how interested they are in Overwatch 2 launch day bundle options based on what is included. Some of the offered options included bundles with emotes, dances, sprays, legendary skins, Credits (the Overwatch currency), and most interestingly, an XP booster, which seems to relate to what little we’ve heard about the game’s unique solo/co-op campaign missions that will allow players to level up and customize their hero builds. The survey also talks in multiple places about customizable legendary skins and the option to change individual colors and weapons for said skins, as well as voice lines.

overwatch 2 leak

There are a number of interesting things to highlight from this survey, with the biggest news appearing to be that Blizzard is planning to remove loot boxes from Overwatch 2. Giving away a flat amount of credits in these launch bundles, along with what appears to be a newfound focus on XP gains gives the impression that Blizzard is following in the footsteps of other publishers and removing random, real-money loot boxes from its game.

The survey also mentions a number of price points for the game’s launch, with the base price appearing to be £30, or roughly $39.99 USD. The highest-price bundle sits at €99.99 or $120.00 USD and appears to potentially offer an XP booster, Credits, skins, emotes, dances, sprays, and more. This focus on compartmentalizing the various purchases into their own categories seems to once more hint that players will use Credits to buy everything a la carte and that loot boxes will not be in the Overwatch 2 ecosystem.

I would expect this same survey to go out to audiences in other regions shortly, as Blizzard deploys these types of information gathering emails every so often. Regardless, the surveys give insight as to what Blizzard is trying to figure out in regards to the game’s launch and what they can sell to players. The lower entry-level cost also goes along with the fact that, excluding the new single-player content, Overwatch 2 is essentially just an expansion pack, as Overwatch owners will be able to continue playing multiplayer and have access to the new maps in order to prevent segmenting the community.

Keep your eyes open for more information as it comes along. In the meantime: Do you prefer a game like Overwatch to have loot boxes, or is the prospect of buying the items you want individually seem like a better option? Let us know in the comments.