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Concept Art of Batman and King Shark Emerges for Reportedly Cancelled Game

Over the last couple of years, myriad rumors have surfaced about Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment allegedly cancelling Batman: Arkham, Suicide Squad, and Superman games. Another such report is making the rounds now, courtesy of newly surfaced concept art of Batman and King Shark from a reportedly axed game project. As of now, it’s unclear whether this supposed project was linked to any of those listed above.

The new images come from Jerad Marantz, an artist whose impressive resume includes Titanfall, Gears of War 4, and multiple MCU films. According to posts on Marantz’ official Instagram account, he was hired to design concept art for a game project “a while back.” Due to the mysterious title’s cancellation, the fruits of the artist’s labor never saw the light of day. Marantz shared a handful of Batman and King Shark images on his profile, which look as though they could have featured in the same game.

Check out his Batman concept art in the post below:

His work on the King Shark design appears as follows:

The Batman art is particularly interesting, given the red eyes on his cowl–a staple of Flashpoint Batman’s iconic design. That King Shark was supposedly involved in a canned project is rather intriguing, too. As many may recall, he featured prominently in the Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trailer a few weeks ago, so one has to wonder if that game emerged in some form from this concept art.

[Source: Jerad Marantz on Instagram via MP1st]