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Control Deluxe Edition Owners Accidentally Upgraded to Ultimate Edition After 505 Claimed It’s Impossible

505 Games has somewhat shot itself in the foot. Control Digital Deluxe Edition owners took to social media yesterday to report that their versions of the game were accidentally upgraded to the Ultimate Edition, and their access was subsequently revoked.

For the uninitiated, 505 Games announced a next-gen version of Control a while back, with the caveat that only those who purchase the Ultimate Edition (which is similar to the Deluxe Edition) will be eligible for a free upgrade. Those who have the standard or even the Deluxe Edition will have to double dip. Backlash ensued, and the publisher penned a lengthy letter claiming that it’s impossible to offer the free upgrade path to all players. However, this latest blooper confirms that it is in fact possible to upgrade existing game owners to a newer version of the game with a pathway to a free next-gen upgrade.

“Okay, so 13 hours ago, and throughout the day, I was able to download Control from the Ultimate Edition store page and it showed as purchased on my end. Now, the web browser store and the store on PS4 tells me to ‘add (the game) to my basket’ instead of ‘download to my PS4,’ said ResetEra user Chaserjoey. “They flicked the switch to prevent access that they previously allowed.”

A large number of players corroborated this, leading to another round of backlash against 505 Games.

“The upgrade path that we are offering is only possible when upgrading from the same version of the game,” the publisher previously claimed. “As we are only doing additional development on Control Ultimate Edition on the next gen platforms, we are unfortunately unable to offer an upgrade path to all existing Control players.”

Well, yikes!

[Source: ResetEra]