PlayStation 4 System Software Update 8.01 is Available to Download Now

PlayStation 4 has received its first firmware update in a post-PlayStation 5 world. The older system’s latest update comes in the form of System Software Update 8.01. Unsurprisingly, it does not seem to feature anything too special. Update 8.01 weighs in at 476.9MB and, like many other incremental changes, means to improve the system’s overall performance. Thankfully, it shouldn’t take PS4 users too long to download and install 8.01.

The PS4 System Software Update in question went live earlier this morning, one day after the PlayStation 5 received its very first post-launch update. PlayStation 5’s System Software Update also improved system performance, managing to take up only 868MB of space.

Interestingly, the two consoles do talk to each other via the PS4’s Remote Play app for PS5. With Remote Play, users can access their PS5 and PS5 games from another location. It should especially prove a nifty feature if the consoles are in two separate rooms. Whether or not Sony plans to add more Remote Play features in the future remains to be seen.

PlayStation 5 is out now in North America and Japan. In the latter region, the console moved 118,000 units in its first four days on the market. Sony has yet to reveal total sales for the console across the board. However, the hardware manufacturer may share such information once more regions have access to PS5. It launches in Europe, the Middle East, South America, Asia, and South Africa tomorrow, November 19th. A release in Malaysia and the Philippines is on track for December 11th, while an Indonesian launch will roll out early next year.