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New York Times Under Fire Over Article Suggesting Rise in Gaming During the Pandemic Is Concerning

“I’ve failed you as a father,” reads a quote from a dad-of-the-year in a New York Times article that expresses concern about increased screen time during the pandemic. He’s upset with his son because he spends too much time on his console.

The article in question, published both in print and online for maximum visibility, is understandably being panned left and right. For some bizarre reason, activities that have brought millions around the globe together during unprecedented times, is “alarming parents and scientists” because once the world is back to normal, there will be some “epic withdrawals.” To give NY Times some credit, the publication did quote professionals, like a professor of psychology at Stanford University, and a pediatrician at the University of Michigan who wishes she had advised parents to “turn off Wi-Fi except during school hours so kids don’t feel tempted every moment, night and day” to be on their consoles playing Fortnite, or wasting time on Roblox, or watching silly videos on TikTok – you get the picture (sorry for the run-on sentence).

For many of us, video games have been an excellent way to release stress in these trying times, but for one mom interviewed by the NY Times, that’s unacceptable. “What are you going to do when you’re married and stressed? Tell your wife that you need to play Xbox?” she asked her 14-year old son, James, who committed the cardinal sin of playing games to cope with the loss of his dog on New Year’s Eve. The teen told the publication that his console is the only way he can hang out with his friends besides going to their house (makes too much sense).

I think my favorite part of the article is the header image of James’ visibly distraught parents. The entire article is an incredibly bizarre read but if you need something to go with your morning coffee, head over to the link below.

[Source: NY Times]