Sifu announced

Sifu is a Kung-Fu Themed Quest for Revenge, but Time Isn’t Your Friend

The latest PlayStation State of Play showed updates on several titles, but hidden amidst those was the reveal of a brand new title. Sloclap‘s second title, Sifu, is a Kung-Fu title where players embark on a quest for revenge and it will be a PlayStation console exclusive.

Sifu tells the story of a young Kung-Fu student. After a squad of assassins murders his family, he spends eight years honing his skills until he feels ready to set out on a quest for revenge and to uncover the ancient mystery behind their deaths. Now that day has come to hunt down those murderers and nobody will get in his way. The odds are great, but he has one trick up his sleeve (or around his neck). A magical pendant can revive him every time he dies, but there’s a catch. Every time he’s revived, he ages significantly. Eventually he’ll become too old to be revived, and if his quest isn’t complete, players will need to start all over again.

There will be countless enemies along his journey through the fictional Chinese city’s gang-ridden suburbs and corporate towers. As well as the pendant, players can use the environment to help them survive. Objects can be thrown, while others can be turned into much-needed weapons. Windows and ledges will make convenient escape routes, or sneaky methods of approach. Along the way the young student will learn from his mistakes, unlocking more skills as he perfects the art of Pak-Mei Kung-Fu.

Slocap is otherwise known as the developer of Absolver, and the similar artstyle isn’t the only thing the two games share. The team has used their experience honing Absolver’s martial arts gameplay to create this new single-player third-person action game with authentic Kung-Fu combat. The title combines beat ’em up gameplay with 3D character action games.

Sifu will arrive on PS5 and PS4 this fall.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]