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Outriders Might Get DLC if There’s Demand, but the Dev Is Only Interested in DLC That Adds Something New

People Can Fly has reiterated on numerous occasions that Outriders will be a “complete” game at launch and players will pay for the “full package.” But what about post-launch support in form of new content? According to game director Bartek Kmita, the studio will consider releasing downloadable content if there’s enough demand. However, the team will only release DLC that adds something new as opposed to chopping up content from the game and selling it separately. 

Speaking to GamingBolt, Kmita said:

In general, our goal was to deliver the complete package for the release, and when talking about the things that may come later, it really depends on the player. So how they will react, if they will be interested, if we will build a huge player base… we have ideas, of course, but for now, there was nothing we can promise and say, ‘we are doing things that will come.’ So, if people are interested, we have some ideas how to develop it, but it’s more like adding new elements than adding the things that are missing from the game that we have right now.

Last August, Kmita told IGN that if People Can Fly opted for a games-as-a-service model for Outriders, it would “probably start chopping everything into sub-content” to sell it separately. The studio thinks players no longer have hundreds of hours to grind over a single item, and chose to focus on releasing the complete experience.

Outriders will release on April 1st for the PlayStation 5 and 4 among other platforms.

[Source: GamingBolt]