Ghostwire: Tokyo’s DualSense Implementation Will Enable Players to Use Their Sixth Sense

Tango Gameworks has said that Ghostwire: Tokyo will utilize the DualSense‘s haptic feedback to enable players to use their “sixth sense” while traversing the city.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, the developer highlighted the DualSense’s implementation into the upcoming title, promising a combination of haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and built-in audio that will create an immersive supernatural experience.

“The opportunities that DualSense controller technology presents for Ghostwire: Tokyo couldn’t excite us more,” wrote Tango Gameworks. “With haptic feedback, players attune themselves to their surroundings, aided by otherworldly voices emanating from the controller’s speakers. This lets you use your ‘sixth sense,’ perceiving things normal humans cannot and using that insight to help solve the many mysteries enveloping the city of Tokyo.”

Tango Gameworks also explained how the DualSense will play a role in combat scenarios. The studio wrote:

In combat, players weave elemental powers with their hands to take on malicious spirits, and the DualSense controller’s adaptive triggers bring these powers to life by offering each their own distinct, tangible feeling. Even with your eyes closed, you can tell the difference between wielding snappy, precise bursts of wind; the destructive rush of water; and the raw devastation of fire. Attempting risky exorcisms at close range is even more intense, as the triggers help simulate the act of pulling a spectral enemy’s core out with your own hands.

As players hone their supernatural prowess, the controller’s capabilities will also ‘power up.’ The stronger their abilities become, the stronger the feedback from the controller will be, creating a noticeable sensation of real progress that we cannot wait for Ghostwire players to experience themselves.

Ghostwire: Tokyo will release in October 2021 for the PlayStation 5 and PC.

[Source: PS Blog]