PS5 controller dualsense back buttons hex rival order now

Customizable Third-Party DualSense PS5 Controller With Back Buttons, the HexGaming Hex Rival, is Available to Order Now

When players found out that PS4 controllers wouldn’t be compatible with PS5 games on the new console, it left a lot of people with custom and pro controllers wondering when a new solution would come around for the next-gen console. Introducing the HexGaming Hex Rival for PlayStation 5, a customizable DualSense controller with programmable back buttons that you can order right now.

The HexGaming Hex Rival uses the actual DualSense PS5 controller as a base, modifying it specifically with esports, visual customization, and the pro controller audience in mind. This means that the ergonomics of the controller you already know and love remain unchanged, save for the back button module attached to the underside of the controller. This customizable PS5 controller allows players to swap out parts, program back buttons, and design their own visual look to get a PS5 controller that perfectly fits their needs.

The back button remapping is easy to do with its own dedicated button, which lets you remap the PS5 controller back buttons on the fly at any time to any one of the 15 various buttons on the controller (excluding “Share” and “Options”). The Hex Rival includes six thumbsticks that you can swap out in any configuration, including three heights and two designs (domed or concave). They’ve also updated the triggers to be hairpin triggers, reducing the distance to activation to just 2mm (instead of the default 7mm).

custom dualsense ps5 controller back buttons hex rival order now

And with a focus on esports and the pro controller crowd, you can use the Hex Rival either wirelessly like a standard PS5 controller, or wired to reduce input latency even further. You can also opt for a variety of faceplate designs and backplate grip features for additional customization, comfort and control. The custom controllers start at $249, but can go up as high as $320 depending on added customization.

Order the Hex Rival Custom PS5 Controller With Back Buttons Now


You can order the Hex Rival PS5 Controller on Amazon right now in assorted premade premium configurations, including:

You can click any of the links above to browse through all of the assorted configurations available on Amazon. The functionality of each one remains the same, with the differences simply being the colors.


If you’re not seeing a look you want at a glance, you can go directly the the HexGaming website to create one for yourself.

There you can configure the colors of virtually every component on the controller to make one that is truly unique to you.

Do you plan on picking up the HexGaming Hex Rival PS5 controller? Are you happy there is finally a DualSense available with programmable back buttons and custom color options? Let us know which color configuration is your favorite in the comments below.