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Iron Harvest Is Coming to PS4 and PS5 at the End of 2021, Backers Can Upgrade for Free

Kickstarter-funded military RTS Iron Harvest is coming to the PS4 and PS5 in late 2021 and will include all past DLC released for the PC for free. The DLC will include the recently released Operation Eagle update, and Kickstarter backers can also change their preferred console to either PS5 or Xbox Series X for free.

While the developers had already confirmed a last-gen console release during the game’s initial Kickstarter campaign, this is the first time we are hearing about a release on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Developer King Art Games has also released a new trailer video showcasing Iron Harvest‘s graphics and gameplay on console, giving fans a glimpse into how it will play once it releases.

King Arts Games notes that the console versions will be released towards the end of 2021, though adds it will be once they are “satisfied with their quality,” giving some wiggle room on the release date. This is likely the reason why the developer has not announced an official release date and instead opted for the more general release window. They also add that current-gen console versions of the game “have proven more technically challenging.” The PC version, on the other hand, released nearly a year ago in September 2020 and currently sits at a Mostly Positive rating on Steam.

Iron Harvest broke a Kickstarter record back in 2018 after it managed to raise over $1 million in funding, in addition to a separate $230,000 from their own website. While the developers initially planned to release the game for consoles back in 2019, it was unfortunately delayed to Q1 2021 due to complications with Covid regulations as well as logistical problems for physical Kickstarter rewards. Fortunately, with this latest announcement as well as a teaser uploaded back in March, it looks as though console development is going swimmingly.

You can check out the official Iron Harvest console trailer below:

Iron Harvest is headed to consoles sometime late 2021.

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