Kena Bridge of Spirits Sequel

No Kena: Bridge of Spirits Sequel Planned for Now, but Maybe There’ll be a TV Show or Movie

Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be arriving later this month. With development complete and the team getting ready for launch, Ember Lab was asked about their plans for the future in an interview with SoulVision Magazine. For now the team will be holding off on a sequel, but there’s always a chance they’ll explore the game’s universe through other medium like a TV show or movie.

Of course, the studio will be focusing on supporting their upcoming title in the immediate future. There has even been hints we might see DLC in the form of new spirits. As for what the team will do next, studio co-founder Josh Grier said:

I don’t know if we will do a direct sequel next. It may be another IP, in the same style—in terms of gameplay and the story-driven experience. Kena and the universe we built has a lot of storytelling potential, so exploring and taking it into a more linear experience like a TV show or film is a possibility.

The game tells the story of Kena, a spirit guide who Grier describes as “a unique lead character that gamers haven’t seen before.” She travels to a sacred mountain shrine in an abandoned village where she’s tasked with helping the deceased transition into the spirit world. This will mean solving their problems and helping them to move away from the physical world. She’ll be joined by small spirits known as the Rot. They will help her to solve puzzles and be successful in combat. Fellow co-founder Mike Grier said:

The storytelling themes and the human connection and narrative are universal. It deals with people struggling with loss or struggling with a mistake they made and the desire to reconcile it. I hope people connect with the story and the themes of the game as much as the gameplay.

After a brief delay, Kena: Bridge of Spirits will be released on September 21st on PS4 and PS5 with players getting both versions of the game. Available as a standard edition or Digital Deluxe Edition, the latter will come with a soundtrack, a silver staff for Kena, and a golden Rot skin. Those who preorder the game will get “a very special pack of Celebration hats.”

[Source: SoulVision Magazine]