showa american story

Japan Has Taken Over the U.S. In Action RPG Showa American Story

Developer Nekcom Games and publisher 2P Games have announced action role-playing game Showa American Story for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game has a pretty interesting premise where Japan has taken over the United States by buying it out, thanks to its “strong economic power.” Then, the apocalypse hits and everything changes drastically. In the midst of everything, a teenage girl is somehow revived from the dead and she has to figure out what the heck happened while she was out.

Showa American Story’s trailer is as interesting as its plot

‘Neo Yokohama’ replaces the famous Hollywood sign, a massive Japanese lantern dangles from the Golden State Bridge, and a Statue of Liberty poster is covered in Japanese in the trailer below. Take a look.

Showa American Story is a single-player game set in the 1980s. No post-apocalyptic game is complete without zombies and survivors so expect to see both when the protagonist – the aforementioned teenage girl named Choko – wakes up. The combat is described as fast-paced, free-flowing and brutal, and there will be lots of melee and ranged weapons alongside “strange” weapons at Choko’s disposal.

Opinion: Showa American Story reminds me of Lollipop Chainsaw

Zarmena writes… Call me nuts, but I’m getting Goichi Suda vibes from Showa American Story and parts of the combat seen in the trailer above remind me of Lollipop Chainsaw. The former has Choko taking down zombies and the latter had Juliet doing the same. But it’s the story and setting that set the two apart. Please be good…

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