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Elden Ring Playtime Revealed by Producer

Elden Ring has gone gold, and we’ve got an answer to one of our biggest questions about it. During a recent interview, producer Yasuhiro Kitao weighed in on how long the game will take to beat. Given its open-world nature, players are expecting a lengthy journey, and it seems like it’ll stack up well to previous FromSoftware games at the very least.

How Long Will it Take to Beat Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Playtime How long to beat 2

In the interview at Taipei Game Show, Kitao stated that the playtime for the main route of Elden Ring will be around 30 hours. However, he emphasized that it’s a massive game and dozens of more hours of side content await those who choose to explore.

We can expect the same replayability in Elden Ring we saw in the Dark Souls series, as well. It will feature a New Game Plus mode which ups the challenge through each additional playthrough. Additionally, Kitao says it’s impossible to get 100% completion on one playthrough since there are branching paths near the end, forcing the player to take one of several routes.

To compare, here are the average completion times for Dark Souls games from How Long to Beat:

  • Demon’s Souls (Main + Extra): 32 Hours
  • Dark Souls (Main + Extra): 61 hours
  • Dark Souls 2 (Main + Extra): 63 hours
  • Dark Souls 3 (Main + Extra): 56 hours
  • Bloodborne (Main + Extra): 44 hours
  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (Main + Extra): 42.5 hours

So, Elden Ring should be a pretty meaty adventure. However, an exploit that can take control of a user’s computer was discovered that affects all of the Dark Souls games and potentially Elden Ring. The game was already delayed once to February 25, and hopefully, this won’t threaten to push it back further. If we had to guess, though, Bandai Namco will still release the game without multiplayer if a solution hasn’t been found by launch day.

In other news, Blue Box Game Studios is up to its hijinks again, and Gran Turismo 7 will soak up a lot of storage.

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