Elden Ring George RR Martin

George R.R. Martin Pleased Elden Ring Is Taking the Gaming World by Storm

Elden Ring lore writer and world builder George R.R. Martin has expressed how pleased he is with the overwhelmingly positive reception for the game and the fact it seems to be taking the gaming world by storm. The author also thanked developer FromSoftware for creating “the best videogame ever”.

Elden Ring’s Positive Reviews

Elden Ring has indeed “been taking the gaming world by storm”. The game is currently one of the highest rated titles on MetaCritic and OpenCritic, although it hasn’t been without its problems. In a blog post, as spotted by ResetEra, the author sampled just some of those reviews with feedback like ““Once in a generation… masterpiece… beautiful and brutal… a sumptuous open world…”, calling it music to his ears. However, he also had plenty of praise for game director Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team:

Of course, almost all the credit should go to Hidetaka Miyazaki and his astonishing team of games designers who have been laboring on this game for half a decade or more, determined to create the best videogame ever.   I am honored to have met them and worked with them, and to have have played a part, however small, in creating this fantastic world and making ELDEN RING the landmark megahit that it is.

George R.R. Martin created the world and lore behind Elden Ring before FromSoftware added their own interpretation. The involvement of an author in a game known for its punishing difficulty and plentiful deaths should be no surprise given his history for creating fantasy novels where the deaths of characters are extremely commonplace. There’s no word yet on the future of Martin’s other projects, including the next novel in the Game of Thrones series.

In other news, Back 4 Blood’s first DLC expansion, Tunnels of Terror, will be released in April. The DLC will include a new PvE game mode, new playable Ridden, two new Cleaners, a new difficulty level, and plenty of new cosmetics and cards. Elsewhere, Ghostwire: Tokyo – Prelude is available for free on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 today.