New The Last of Us Multiplayer Map

New The Last of Us Multiplayer Map Details Teased in Ex-dev Profile

Fans of The Last of Us multiplayer modes have been waiting and waiting for any new information about the follow-up to Factions. While it is confirmed to be in development and Naughty Dog has provided the concept image seen above, there is little else known about it. Happily, for those hungry for any scrap of info, a former Naughty Dog developer appears to have spilled the beans on some details.

New The Last of Us multiplayer details start to trickle in

For those after something more than the single-player TLOU experience — despite The Last of Us Part 1 being a “masterpiece”— new information about the upcoming multiplayer spin-off will be very welcome.

Mathew Seymour, a former environment design at Naughty Dog, states in his LinkedIn employment history that he has “Worked on [a] multiplayer title in a very dense city with lots of detail.” This work was carried out between June 2020 and December 2021, which is the period after The Last of Us 2 launched.

Work performed on the “multiplayer title” included:

  • Layout, population, macro/micro polish
  • Modeling, texturing
  • Navmesh, scripting, design tools
  • Maps and POI design
  • Maya/NaughtyDog Tools/Photoshop

While the multiplayer still seems far away, The Last of Us Part 1 single-player experience is out now and players are already busy searching every nook and cranny for Easter eggs. Here’s a touching secret that pays tribute to a developer who passed away.

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