god of war ragnarok time to beat

God of War Ragnarok Time To Beat Revealed, Reported Hour Count Leaked

Leading up to its November 9 launch, God of War Ragnarok is experiencing a fair few leaks. The cracks are starting to form ahead of the launch day flood of content and fans are no doubt eagerly lapping up any drop of info. This time around, the leaked info details how long it will take players to beat GoW Ragnarok. A specific hour count is given and it closely matches that of the 2018 reboot.

How long to beat God of War Ragnarok?

It will reportedly take 40 hours to beat God of War Ragnarok.

According to Tom Henderson (posting to Insider-Gaming), who has a track record of providing accurate game leaks, “the entire [Ragnarok] experience is around 40 hours, with 20 hours needed to complete the game’s main story.”

Additionally, Henderson’s sources state that 3.5 hours will be dedicated to the main story cinematic scenes.

Ragnarok’s 20 hours for main mission completion and 40 hours for 100% completion is similar to God of War (2018), as emphasized in the polls ran by How Long to Beat.

This isn’t the first God of War Ragnarok leak. Only last week, the date for the game’s preload leaked on the PS Store itself! As did the size of the PS4 version of the game, so players can ready their hard drives for this chunky install.