Ridge Racer 2 PS Plus Leak

PS Plus Leak Lists Ridge Racer 2 Before It Is Removed Again

Ridge Racer 2 coming to PS Plus Premium Classics is one of the worst-kept secrets at this point with leak after leak. After Sony announced the new games coming to PS Plus Extra and Premium this month, PlayStation Access released a new trailer that featured all of those games in addition to Ridge Racer 2. Unsurprisingly, that video has now been removed.

Will Ridge Racer 2 come to PS Plus Premium?

Ridge Racer 2 is still likely to come to PS Plus Premium as part of the Classics collection, especially as it had also been in a leak prior to today. The PSP racing game was one of three games that were listed on the Italian PlayStation Blog as part of the July 2022 PS Plus additions before being swiftly removed from there. This came after the game was listed on the PlayStation Store prior to the launch of the new PS Plus tiers. The PlayStation Access October 2022 PS Plus Extra and Premium Youtube video has since been removed after the error was pointed out by Dylan Brown VO on Twitter, but not before Wario64 managed to get a screenshot:

There are currently no PS2, PSP, or Playstation Classics included in the October 2022 PS Plus list, so players are still left waiting for leaked games like Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Logan’s ShadowDino Crisis, SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny and Legend of Dragoon to be released.