How To Unlock the PlayStation Stars Sony Chord Machine

How To Unlock the PlayStation Stars Sony Chord Machine

PlayStation Stars is rolling out to more regions, giving members the chance to unlock some nifty collectibles. One of the most challenging current unlocks is the Sony Chord Machine, which requires the completion of a PS Stars objective called “Press Play: 1994.” Thankfully, this guide provides a shortcut to the answers for all six game clues. Here’s how to unlock the PlayStation Stars Sony Chord Machine.

Unlocking the PS Stars Sony Chord Machine by completing Press Play: 1994

To unlock the Sony Chord Machine Heroic Collectible, PlayStation Stars members must play the following six games:

  • Returnal
    • This is for the “Stay x Circle of Life” objective.
  • Death Stranding: Director’s Cut
    • This game is for the “Baby I Love Your Way x Go West” clue.
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    • This one is for the “Mr Jones x Regulate” objective.
  • Detroit: Become Human
    • This is for the “More Human Than Human” requirement.
  • Until Dawn
    • Play this to complete the “Wild Night” objective.
  • Heavy Rain
    • Boot this up to check off the “Streets of Philadelphia” clue.

Users are required to boot up every single one of these games to complete the Press Play: 1994 challenges and unlock the Sony Chord Machine Heroic Collectible.

It should be noted that users don’t have to download these games, as they can all be streamed. This should speed up the process considerably for those on sluggish internet connections.

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