metal gear solid 3 remake

Alleged Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Teaser Was Fake

We should have known better than to get our hopes up but that Metal Gear Solid 3 remake teaser purportedly uploaded by Virtuos over the weekend turned out to be fake. Womp, womp! For those who missed it, a Twitter user uploaded a teaser from what appeared to be the rumored remake, claiming that Virtuos – the studio reportedly tasked with the project – briefly uploaded it before deleting it. The video contained a morse code hinting at a reveal at The Game Awards 2022 next month, but as spotted by known insider Tom Henderson, the clip was lifted from an Instagram reel posted by video game asset creation company, Quixel.

There are still credible reports of Metal Gear Solid 3 remake

Don’t lose hope just yet! Previous reports of the remake all came from sources with good reputation. Veteran leaker Dusk Golem also took to Twitter yesterday to assuage concerns that those reports may be fake. “I fully believe the Virtuous is remaking Metal Gear Solid 3 rumor, I believe the people who’ve been reporting that,” they wrote. “Some noticed in the last week that the MGS Art Book was in the Virtuos video uploaded last week officially, and on their website they do list Konami as a partner they’ve worked with.” Here’s hoping!