god of war ragnarok easter eggs

God of War Ragnarok Easter Eggs: Horizon, Death Stranding, and More

There are many God of War Ragnarok Easter eggs to find. These include nods towards the Horizon series, Death Stranding, and The Last of Us. Developer Santa Monica Studio has tucked away a bunch of references for players to hunt down. Below is our updated list of the latest secrets that PSLS and the PlayStation community have discovered so far.

God of War Ragnarok Easter eggs list

Horizon book

xGarbett on YouTube has discovered a Horizon book. This is one of Kvasir’s poems, one of Ragnarok’s collectibles. The book bears the Horizon logo and includes text that describes the Horizon world.

Death Stranding book

god of war ragnarok easter eggs
Credit: u/SnowFever01 on Reddit

SnowFever01 on Reddit tracked down another of Kvasir’s poems. This time it references Death Stranding with the note: “A Kvasir work of brilliance that, if misunderstood, proves the ignorance of the reader.”

The Last of Us book

god of war ragnarok easter eggs

Each of Kvasir’s poems references a PlayStation game. This time it’s The Last of Us.

If my review is anything to go by, it looks like Ragnarok is set to become one of the most critically-acclaimed PlayStation games, besting even those that it references with its Easter eggs.

One more very important thing: Yes, you can pet the dog in GoW Ragnarok.