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Microsoft Now Willing to Release Call of Duty on PlayStation for ‘Longer Term’

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that Microsoft is willing to commit to releasing Call of Duty on PlayStation for a “longer term” to assuage any concerns expressed by Sony as well as regulators. Speaking to The Verge, Spencer said that it would be “silly” to ink a deal that uses the word “forever,” but given Sony’s reservations about Microsoft’s previous offer regarding Call of Duty’s release on PlayStation, he’s willing to make a longer term commitment.

Keeping Call of Duty on PlayStation makes financial sense for Microsoft

“This idea that we would write a contract that says the word forever in it I think is a little bit silly, but to make a longer term commitment that Sony would be comfortable with, regulators would be comfortable with, I have no issue with that at all,” Spencer told The Verge. Microsoft has previously said that keeping the series on Sony’s platforms is “a commercial imperative for the Xbox business and the economics of the transaction.”

Although Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard has been approved in Brazil and Saudi Arabia, it’s facing a tough challenge in Europe – a prime market. Microsoft’s previous statements regarding Call of Duty’s exclusivity have failed to convince UK’s regulator.