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God of War Ragnarok Director Had to Fight to Keep One of the Game’s Characters

Santa Monica Studio‘s Eric Williams has revealed to Game Informer that one of God of War Ragnarok characters could have been cut from the game but he fought for his inclusion. You’ve probably already guessed who that character is because he does stand out, but in case you haven’t figured it out, it’s the talkative squirrel Ratatoskr.

Why Ratatoskr is an important part of God of War characters lineup

Williams felt that Ratatoskr’s inclusion was necessary to balance God of War Ragnarok’s dark tone and add some light-hearted touch to the game. The rest of the development team wasn’t sure about that and felt that there were too many characters already. “That scene where he shows up? That was the one everybody was like, ‘Okay, are we going too far?’” Williams recalled. “Even the music director was like, ‘I don’t even know what to do with the music here. This is so far away from God of War.”

Williams then rang voice actor SungWon Cho to help write Ratatoskr’s character and bring him to life. Cho told Game Informer that before he came in, Ratatoskr’s character was “rude and sassy” but he decided to make him more “fun.”

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