Final Fantasy 16 Age Rating

Final Fantasy 16 Has Hate Crimes, Drugs, and Prostitution According to Age Rating

Final Fantasy 16 will have much darker themes than previously thought with hate crimes, drugs, and prostitution all listed among the content that has caused the game’s rating in Brazil that clarifies it’s not suitable for children under 16 years of age. While actual details were few and far between, the world of Valisthea does not sound very pleasant.

Why Final Fantasy 16 got an age rating of 16+

The latest Final Fantasy game will have “sex scenes not fully shown” and “violent content attenuated by scenes’ direction” according to the full description of the game’s rating on the Brazilian Ministério da Justiça site (thanks Reddit). These are the main factors behind the 16+ age rating, although there are plenty of aggravating circumstances too. The latter includes “violence with weapons, blood, intentional deaths, torture and victims suffering. Drugs, prostitution, sexual content both shown and talked about. Hate crimes”.

The rating does not go into any further detail, so it’s impossible to glean any further story details from the description. However, the rating’s existence has prompted more rumors of a release date reveal at some point in December, with many hoping to see the game at The Game Awards on December 8. For now, the game is due to be released in 2023.