Warzone 2 Runs Better on PS5 Than on Xbox Series X|S

Warzone 2 Runs Better on PS5 Than on Xbox Series X|S

PS5 is the winning console when it comes to Call of Duty: Warzone 2 performance. Despite being a more powerful console on paper, the Xbox Series X has lost its battle to Sony’s current-gen system when it comes to high frame rates in the new Warzone experience.

Warzone 2 PS5 vs Xbox Series X|S

Warzone 2 running on PS5 has an average frame rate that is 10 FPS higher than Warzone 2 running on Xbox Series X.

As confirmed by Digital Foundry in the video that’s embedded above, though both consoles regularly hit the 120 FPS cap, it’s the PS5 that manages to push the most frames when scenes become more demanding. With a higher minimum frame rate, the experience on PS5 will be generally smoother and frame rate drops will be less jarring.

While the PS5 takes the win for now, it’s still early days for Warzone 2. Further optimizations could make the Xbox flagship perform better in the future.

Better performance isn’t the only Warzone 2 advantage enjoyed by PS5 users. Those on PlayStation will be getting an extra day of double XP during the upcoming event.

Call of Duty is seeming pretty unstoppable right now. Sony recently stated that not even Battlefield, which was a close rival, can beat CoD.