Death Stranding 2 Heartman

Death Stranding 2 Won’t Feature Heartman Says Voice Actor Darren Jacobs

Death Stranding 2 will not feature Bridges member Heartman according to his voice actor Darren Jacobs. The title was officially announced at The Game Awards, after which the actor confirmed that while he thought the trailer was amazing, he is not currently involved in the second game.

Which characters are returning in Death Stranding 2?

Norman Reedus will be reprising his role as Sam Porter Bridges, while Lea Seydoux returns as Fragile and Troy Baker is coming back as Higgs Monaghan. There will also be two new characters, neither of which have been revealed, that will be played by Elle Fanning and Shioli Kutsuna. IMDb also claims that Margaret Qualley play Mama again, while Mads Mikkelsen is back as Cliff Unger. Because IMDb can be edited by anybody, its best if the return of those two characters is taken with a pinch of salt.

One character that won’t be coming back to Death Stranding 2, at least for the moment, is Heartman. Jacobs revealed that he is currently playing no part in the game. We’re assuming this means the character’s motion capture artist Nicolas Winding Refn will not be involved either. Whether the characters were to play a part in the game’s original story is unknown, but Hideo Kojima has confessed that he completely rewrote the DS2 storyline following the Covid pandemic.