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The Callisto Protocol Studio Boss Under Fire for Allegedly Not Crediting Devs

The Callisto Protocol studio Striking Distance is under fire for allegedly leaving out quite a few developers from the game’s credits. CEO Glen Schofield has yet to address the allegations, but sources who spoke to say that a lot of the developers who weren’t credited worked on the game full-time for at least a year, if not more.

The Callisto Protocol studio previously drew ire for CEO’s crunch remarks

This isn’t the first time Schofield has come under fire. Ahead of The Callisto Protocol’s launch, he published a series of tweets that appeared to glorify crunch. Schofield later retracted the tweets and issued an apology. However, in light of GamesIndustry,biz’s report, it seems that there was a lot more to the crunch comments than what we know.

One source claims that Striking Distance “played favorites” by picking and choosing who to add in The Callisto Protocol’s credits. Apparently, a number of senior developers’ names were omitted. Not only that, but Schofield apparently didn’t issue any kind of guidance when it came to qualifying for credits.

Worth noting that game credits are a significant part of developers’ portfolios and greatly impact their employment prospects. This is a recurring issue in the games industry – one that sadly remains unresolved.