DualSense Edge Team Offers Call of Duty, God of War Ragnarok Setting Recommendations

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s lead product manager Tomomasa Mizuno has shared recommended DualSense Edge settings for popular games including God of War Ragnarok and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. The controller launched globally today, and these recommendations are a good place to start if you’ve got your hands on one.

DualSense Edge settings recommendations for FPS and action games

For FPS games like Call of Duty, here’s the profile Mizuno suggests:

  • Swap out right stick cap with the High Dome stick cap and pair it with the Precise stick sensitivity preset curve for smoother, more precise aiming.
  • Set the stop sliders on both the L2 and R2 buttons to the Short or Medium setting for quicker reaction to enemy encounters.
  • Map the back buttons to actions like jumping or swapping loadouts in order to keep thumbs on sticks.
  • Use the Fn buttons to adjust the audio balance between the game and chat to alternate between callouts and listening for the enemy team’s movements.

For action games like God of War Ragnarok, Mizuno recommends the following settings:

  • The Quick preset curve is the preferred stick sensitivity setting for the left and right sticks for fast camera adjustments, movement, and aiming. Swap to a Dynamic preset curve to aim carefully and turn quickly.
  • Swap to the Half Dome back buttons to quickly dodge or recall axe while simultaneously moving around the map and keeping an eye on enemies.

PlayStation LifeStyle is currently reviewing the DualSense Edge so stay tuned for our thoughts.